Bot traffic reports

KPIs definitions

Get insights about your bot traffic at a glance.
Reports' frequencies are as follows:

  • Weekly report: each Friday at 8:00 am
  • Daily report: each day at 8:00 am

Please find the below definitions of each section compiled in the traffic report.

Protection status

This section provides a global view of avoided attacks thanks to DataDome's protection.

The table below provides main insights about your bot traffic:

  • Acts of data / content theft prevented (scrapers)
  • Intrusion attempts avoided (impersonators)
  • Hacking attacks denied (hackers)
  • Endpoints with protection activated
  • Endpoints with protection disabled (you can activate it by calling DataDome)

Commercial bots

View data about new commercial bots reaching your websites.

Below is an example of a new commercial bot:


You can also find the Top 5 (in terms of highest numbers):

  • Commercial bots with a Captcha displayed
  • Whitelisted commercial bots

Bad bots Top 5 per bot type

For each main Bad Bot category (impersonators, hackers, scrapers) you can see:

  • A count of IPs (1)
  • The Top 5 IPs with the highest numbers (2)

Top bot targeted URLs

This section lists the Top URLs that were most targeted by any bot type: