Node Module v1.3.2

  • Update user agent client hint request header
  • Fix vulnerabilities from dependencies

Java Module v1.17.3

Update user agent client hint request header (sec-ch-ua-full-version-list)

Cloudflare Module v1.12.0

  • Added truncate logic to headers

Nginx Module v2.42

  • Added support for nginx 1.23.0

IIS Module 2.17

  • Improved settings management

Cloudflare Module 1.11.1

  • Improved logging conditions

Java Module v1.17.2

  • Fix vulnerabilities from dependencies

Salesforce Module v20.1.8

  • Fixed issues with undefined values

Cloudflare Module 1.11.0

  • Added support of logging inside custom response header for debugging

Varnish Module v3.3

We are proud to release the new Varnish version which contains a few improvements.