Apache Module v2.46

  • Manage TLSv1.2 (HTTPS) with OpenSSL 1.1.1
  • Remove DomeTimeOut & TimeOut unused parameters

F5 - iRule Module v1.5

  • Fixed syntax on injection of JS tags

Nginx Module v2.40

  • Improved stability on nginx 1.13.10+ in rare cases

CloudFront Module 1.14

  • Removed warnings when event listener count safely exceeds default limit
  • Removed call stack logging when the connection is simply closed by the API

Java Module v1.14

  • Added support for session by header
  • Changed minimum JVM supported version from 1.5 to 1.8

DataDomeSDK - iOS 2.7.14

  • Improved the captcha loop checker.
  • Improved the event tracker.
  • Fixed deprecation in the DataDomeApollo plugin.

Varnish Module v3.2

We are proud to release the new Varnish version which contains a few improvements.

DataDome SDK - iOS 2.7.13

  • Added a captcha loop checker module in the SDK to help troubleshoot the app session configuration and avoid configurations leading to a captcha loop.

DataDome SDK - Android 1.6.6

  • Remove any dependancies to jCenter.

DataDomeSDK - iOS 2.7.12

  • Support multiple domains requests.