Varnish Module v3.3

We are proud to release the new Varnish version which contains a few improvements.

Salesforce Module v20.1.7

  • Added logs when api session quota limits are reached
  • Added the option ddDefaultCaptchaUrlRedirect to enforce CAPTCHA reloading to the given URL

DataDome React Native SDK - Superagent 1.0.6

  • Fixed an issue when assigning cookies for Android

CloudFront Python module v1.0.0

Initial release

React Native SDK - Superagent 1.0.5

  • Fixed an issue when cloning requests

.NET Core Module v0.5.2

  • Fix regression on pattern matchers
  • Fix security issue

DataDome Flutter SDK - Dio integration 1.0.6

  • Improved dependecies

DataDome SDK - Superagent React Native 1.0.4

  • Support for concurrent requests.

Cloudflare Module 1.10.0

  • Added support of allow session feature
  • Added support of session by header

DataDome SDK - React Native axios 1.0.6

  • Support for concurrent requests