Fastly Module 2.18.2

Fix recovery of initial request parameters

Salesforce Module v20.3.0

Change log level to INFO for timeouts and to DEBUG for failing methods

Nginx Module v2.45.0

  • change default log level to WARN and add runtime selection to it

Android SDK v1.8.0

Support external cookie handling via CookieJar

.NET Core Module v0.7.1

  • Improve Headers Management: Fix Content-Type header inclusion on response

Salesforce Module v20.2.1

Fix unsupported function in compatibility mode v19.10

Java Module 1.18.0

  • Add Sec Fetch Headers

Flutter Dio SDK v1.2.0

Add methods to DataDomeInterceptor to share DataDome cookies between native and webview contexts

Android SDK v1.7.0

  • Improve response validation process
  • Add optional verbose logger

React Native Axios v1.0.10

  • Throttling SDK tracking payload feature
  • Unify fingerprint os typology in tracking payload