JavaScript Tag 4.23.0

  • Improve cookie management

CloudFront Node.js module 1.20.0

  • Improve header management
  • Collect Client Hints and Fetch Metadata headers
  • Append current Lambda@Edge runtime to collected module name

Fastly module 2.20.1

  • Improve referer header management for Chromium-based browsers and Safari

Android SDK 1.13.1

  • Fix captcha display after a device-check verification.
  • Deprecate the clearDataDomeCookie method with a warning message to warn of its use in production
  • Add SFCC header parsing for response page type redirection

JavaScript Tag 4.22.2

  • Improve fingerprint collection

CloudFront Node.js module 1.19.1

  • Fix backward compatibility for Node.js 14.x
  • Add fallback to use AWS_DEFAULT_REGION when AWS_REGION is undefined

Fastly module 2.20.0

  • Enhance support for response pages

JavaScript Tag 4.21.1

  • Enhance fingerprint collection

Java module 2.0.1

  • Support logging of DataDome headers as attributes of the ServletRequest

OpenResty module 1.3.0

  • Add GraphQL support
  • Collect x-userid header
  • Collect x-forwarded-proto header inside protocol value when defined