Cloudflare Workers 1.15.1

  • Switch protocol to HTTPS when making calls to the DataDome API

Salesforce module 20.5.2

  • Security improvement

JavaScript Tag 4.14.0

  • Add support for sessionByHeader option on SFCC
  • Fix response page display for some edge cases

Salesforce module 20.5.1

  • Security improvement

iOS SDK 3.2.3

  • Fix a performance issue that occurred when launching too many protected HTTP requests
  • Fix an issue, on the DataDomeAlamofireSDK, that prevented the HTTP errors from being passed back

Node.js module 1.5.0

  • Add a new argument to request validation methods for enhanced customization

JavaScript Tag 4.13.1

  • Improve HTML response body recognition

JavaScript Tag 4.13.0

  • Introduce generic events for the enableTagEvents option to match all kinds of response pages instead of only CAPTCHA
    • New and current events will continue to be dispatched in parallel
    • Current events are deprecated and will be removed in a future release

OpenResty module 1.1.0

  • Refactor log messages to improve readability
  • Reorder body creation for performance improvements

Kong module 1.0.0

  • Initial public version