.NET Core Module v0.5.4

  • Update field truncation to avoid big paylods sent to the Api Server

.NET Core Module v0.5.3

  • Fixed protocol value sent to the API Server

Android SDK v1.6.13

Fix captcha listener status when captcha is dismissed

Cloudflare Workers Module v1.13.2

  • Fixed typo in payload field name (XForwardedForIp)

CloudFront Node.js Module v1.17

  • Fixed typo in payload field name (XForwardedForIp)

F5 iRule Module v1.5.1

  • Fixed injection of JS tag on non-HTML resources

Node.js Module v1.4.2

  • Truncated request headers exceeding size limits

Fastly Module 2.17

  • Collect the protocol (http/https)
  • Truncate large headers
  • Update list of enriched headers

Java Module v1.17.5

  • Updated headers max size
  • Fixed typo

CloudFront Node.js Module v1.16

  • Added exclusion for .map type