Getting Started with DataDome

This page will help you get started with DataDome. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

STEP 1: Get your Key

Get your key (Client-Side Key or Server-Side Module Key) on your dashboard (create a new account if required)

STEP 2: Select the best DataDome endpoint

DataDome technology is deployed in several regions to provide the best latency between your servers and DataDome endpoint.
Run the Latency Script to select the fastest region.

STEP 3: Server-Side integration

You can either setup one of our "server side" module or use directly our Protection API.

Available modules:

STEP 4: Client-Side integration

For Websites and Single-Page app, you can find our Javascript Tag.

For mobile application, you can find our SDK documentation for both IOS and Android.

STEP 5: Start monitoring your traffic

You can now monitor your bot trafic in realtime using the dashboard