Java Module integration detects and protects against bot activity.

Before the regular process starts, the module makes a call to the DataDome API using a KeepAlive connection.
Depending on the API response, the module will either block the query or enable the regular process to proceed.
The module has been developed to protect the users' experience: If any errors were to occur during the process, or if the timeout is reached, the module will automatically disable its blocking process and allow those hits.


The module is plain Java 8 and allows two different integrations:

  • Java Servlet Filter: Tested on Jetty, Tomcat and should work with Jboss as well as other servers supporting Servlet API.
  • Vert.x-Web: Route handler for Vert.x HTTP servers. Please refer to the dedicated documentation for compatibility and implementation details.

How to install

Please refer to the dedicated documentation below: