Manage users

For user management, go to Management > Users

You can invite new users by clicking the "Invite new user" button on the top of the page.


Users are assigned a specific role (Admin, Editor or Viewer)

Associated rights are described below:

User roleView bot dataEdit bot rulesView account settingsManage usersEdit trusted proxiesEnable/disable protection

2FA Status

This status indicates whether a user has enabled Two-Factor Authentication on his/her account.
As an admin user, you can disable 2FA via the Actions sub-menu (see below).


When enabling 2FA for all users

As an admin user, if you have enforced the 2FA feature for all your users, the status will be enabled as soon as the users finish the activation on their end.

Reports & Notifications

Email Reports

Email reports are useful to get statistical insights about threats and your relevant protection status.
You can manage which users will receive the email reports on a daily or weekly basis, or both.

Email notifications

Email notifications are useful to be warned about attacks blocked by DataDome.
As soon as an attack is being blocked on any of your endpoints, you will receive an email with all the relevant information about it.

You can manage which users will receive this information.
You also can choose which types of attacks you want to be warned about, or select all of them.



2FA Activation (Admin users only)

Please note that you won't be able to activate the Two-Factor Authentication for a user on this page. As an admin user, when you'll activate the Two-Factor Authentication on the Account Security page, every user will have this second step activated at their next login.

Here, you will be able to perform two actions for a specific user: disabling Two-Factor Authentication or deleting the user account.