Audit Trail

Learn how the Audit Trail feature works


This feature is currently on Early-Access only.


The Audit Trail feature is only accessible to Enterprise plans and Admin users.

DataDome offers a 2-year retention data Audit Trail accessible in a few clicks in the Management section for Enterprise plans only.


With your admin user account, just go on the Management section and then select the Audit Trail tab to access it.


You also can also access it through the user management panel.

The Audit Trail includes information on the following activity:


  • User logged in
  • User deleted
  • User role modified
  • User 2FA disabled
  • User Notifications modified
  • User Reports modified
  • New user invited


  • New endpoint added
  • Endpoint order modified
  • Endpoint details updated
  • Endpoint Protection modified
  • Endpoint Detection modified
  • Endpoint deleted


  • Global protection status modified
  • DataDome Rule response modified
  • DataDome Rule Status modified

Custom Rule

  • Custom rule created
  • Custom rule updated
  • Custom rule deleted
  • Custom rule status modified

Proxy Config

  • Proxy added
  • Proxy updated
  • Proxy deleted

Response Pages

  • Response page domain added
  • Captcha provider updated
  • Response page modified


  • IP restriction added
  • 2FA enablement
  • Security emails notification enablement


  • Webhook added
  • Webhook updated
  • Webhook deleted
  • Log enrichment enablement
  • Javascript tag added

Data & Privacy

  • Data retention setting modified
  • Cookie lifetime setting modified
  • Data retention & Cookie lifetime setting modified