Explore your data

The "Explore" view allows you to dig deep inside your data.

Thanks to this view, you can analyze your data along 14 dimensions:

  • IP
  • AS
  • Country
  • Domain
  • URL
  • Referer Domain
  • User Agent
  • Endpoint
  • Rule
  • Rule type
  • Session ID
  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Source

These dimensions provide you with a better understanding of your bot traffic with answers to questions such as: which bots are the most active, which domain is the most attacked, which URLs are most targeted by bots, bot distribution by endpoints, etc.

You can also analyze the custom rules and the traffic with no rules ("No Rule")


You can filter by endpoints, time, rule type, rules and search using DataDome DSL to narrow your focus.
Learn more about our DataDome DSL.

Activity timeline

For all dimensions, you can check the activity for the last 30 days (when you have subscribed to a Corporate plan).

Last requests

To display the last requests, click on the requests' number.
The view provides you with the details about the last 100 requests for the selected value:

  • Date
  • URL
  • User Agent
  • Rule Name
  • IP
  • Response

Scrolling down loads more requests, up to a 1000.

Clicking on a request provides you with access to all of its details, including:

  • HTTP-related information
  • Headers
  • Request Enrichment (AS, country, reverse DNS, geolocation, etc..)
  • Endpoint
  • DataDome Detection
  • Response (code and format)