Google Play data security

This page helps to fill Google Play data security form

DataDome mobile SDK collects minimal behavioral data in order to improve bot detection.
The collected data does not include any personally or equipment identifiable information.
Any data collected is stored using high-performing security standards

CategoryData typeDescriptionSDK usage
LocationApproximate locationUser or device physical location to an area greater than or equal to 3 square kilometers, such as the city a user is in, or location provided by Android’s ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission.No
Precise locationUser or device physical location within an area less than 3 square kilometers, such as location provided by Android’s ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission.No
Personal infoNameHow a user refers to themselves, such as their first or last name, or nickname.No
Email addressA user’s email address.No
User IDsIdentifiers that relate to an identifiable person. For example, an account ID, account number, or account name.No
AddressA user’s address, such as a mailing or home address.No
Phone numberA user’s phone number.No
Race and ethnicityInformation about a user’s race or ethnicity.No
Political or religious beliefsInformation about a user’s political or religious beliefs.No
Sexual orientationInformation about a user’s sexual orientation.No
Other infoAny other personal information such as date of birth, gender identity, veteran status, etc.No
Financial infoUser payment infoInformation about a user’s financial accounts such as credit card number.No
Purchase historyInformation about purchases or transactions a user has made.No
Credit scoreInformation about a user’s credit score.No
Other financial infoAny other financial information such as user salary or debts.No
Health and fitnessHealth infoInformation about a user's health, such as medical records or symptoms.No
Fitness infoInformation about a user's fitness, such as exercise or other physical activity.No
MessagesEmailsA user’s emails including the email subject line, sender, recipients, and the content of the email.No
SMS or MMSA user’s text messages including the sender, recipients, and the content of the message.No
Other in-app messagesAny other types of messages. For example, instant messages or chat content.No
Photos and videosPhotosA user’s photos.No
VideosA user’s videos.No
Audio filesVoice or sound recordingsA user’s voice such as a voicemail or a sound recording.No
Music filesA user’s music files.No
Other audio filesAny other user-created or user-provided audio files.No
Files and docsFiles and docsA user’s files or documents, or information about their files or documents such as file names.No
CalendarCalendar eventsInformation from a user’s calendar such as events, event notes, and attendees.No
ContactsContactsInformation about the user’s contacts such as contact names, message history, and social graph information like usernames, contact recency, contact frequency, interaction duration and call history.No
App activityApp interactionsInformation about how a user interacts with the app. For example, the number of times they visit a page or sections they tap on.Yes
In-app search historyInformation about what a user has searched for in your app.No
Installed appsInformation about the apps installed on a user's device.No
Other user-generated contentAny other user-generated content not listed here, or in any other section. For example, user bios, notes, or open-ended responses.No
Other actionsAny other user activity or actions in-app not listed here such as gameplay, likes, and dialog options.No
Web browsingWeb browsing historyInformation about the websites a user has visited.No
App info and performanceCrash logsCrash log data from your app. For example, the number of times your app has crashed, stack traces, or other information directly related to a crash.No
DiagnosticsInformation about the performance of your app. For example battery life, loading time, latency, framerate, or any technical diagnostics.No
Other app performance dataAny other app performance data not listed here.No
Device or other IDsDevice or other IDsIdentifiers that relate to an individual device, browser or app. For example, an IMEI number, MAC address, Widevine Device ID, Firebase installation ID, or advertising identifier.No: we do only collect device model + screen size