Get started with your Dashboard

DataDome dashboard for customers

The DataDome dashboard allows you to get traffic information for your websites that are protected by the DataDome module.
At your very first use of the DataDome dashboard, it may contain not contain any data yet. Please start by initially Setting up your DataDome module.


On the home page, a brief status of your account is displayed, along with the protection activation status and other statistics about the DataDome solution's results.

AI Detection

On the AI Detection page, a general overview of the bot traffic allows for a quick lookup over the module's activity.

AI Detection: Bad, Commercial and Good bots sub-pages

Those sub-pages display more information about each bot family.
Rules are categorized in a bot family and a bot type (search engine, hacker, social networks, etc.).
Each rule displays the volume of requests made on your websites, a response type selector (read more about Rule responses) and the list of last requests. To display the list of IPs, click on the "Explore" search icon.

Click on the number of requests to display a list of the last 100 requests.
Scroll down to show more requests (up to a 1000 requests).

Click on a request's chevron button (>) to access more information including HTTP, Headers, Request Enrichment and Detection classification.


This page allows you to explore traffic by dimension (IP, country, URL, etc.) as well as rules and rules' type. (Read more about exploring bots).