Magento Changelog

DataDome Magento-Fastly module

v2.17.2 (2022-12-12)

  • Introduced support of new headers
  • Improved headers management
  • Updated list of enriched headers
  • Added Allow Session Feature
  • Follow Fastly normalization of Accept-Encoding

v2.13 (2020-11-20)

  • Implemented change to run DataDome's vcl_deliver only at Fastly Edge node

v2.12 (2020-11-05)

  • Adjusted default priority for Magento integration
  • Implemented prevention for duplicating DataDome cookie on very complex VCL
  • Implemented Urlencode for some of the fields sent to the DataDome API

v2.11 (2020-08-03)

  • Disabled DataDome protection for FASTLYPURGE requests
  • Added priority to Magento integration

v2.10 (2020-07-16)

  • Introduced support for X-DataDome-ClientID
  • Added comment with version and file name to snippets

v2.9 (2020-07-07)

  • Introduced debug options for Magento integration

v2.8 (2020-06-19)

  • Implemented exclusion of all non GET and HEAD requests from the Regex

v2.7 (2020-06-15)

  • Matched the Regex with req.url.path instead of req.url.ext

v2.6 (2020-05-29)

  • Included request restart in Magento and snippets integration in case of any unexpected errors from DataDome Backend.

v2.5 (2020-05-26)

  • Increased default connect timeout to 300ms and first byte and between bytes to 100ms
  • Included integration name to module name

v2.4 (2020-05-19)

  • Enabled timeouts to be editable via Magento integration

v2.3 (2020-05-06)

  • Introduced templates to create Magento integration