AI Detection

Overview and management of bots detected by DataDome.

The "AI Detection" section provides you with an overview and the ability to manage the bots identified by DataDome.

1. Overview

By clicking on "AI Detection" you can access the overall view of the bots traffic detected by DataDome.

2. Bot management

You can access the list of bots and manage the response generated for each bot.

Bots are classified as follows:

  • Bad bots: Hidden Identity, unknown use, data theft, negative effects on website performance
  • Commercial bots: Bots created by commercial companies to collect and exploit content. Their identity is transparent.
  • Good bots: Bots that add value or traffic to websites. Such bots are created by search engines, social network providers, partners, service providers, etc.

When the global protection is activated, a response will be automatically generated by default, as follows:

  • A Captcha is displayed for bad bots
  • A Captcha is displayed for commercial bots
  • Good bots are whitelisted

You can decide to change the response for each bot. Head to the relevant bot family page, then look for the bot pattern you want to update and select the response you wish to generate.



DataDome provides 5 responses:

  • Captcha
  • Timeboxing
  • Rate Limiting
  • Whitelist
  • Block

Learn more about responses