AFNetworking Integration

How to use the DataDome SDK with AFNetworking

This SDK is deprecated

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AFNetworking is an old third party library. It is no longer maintained by the community. We do not recommend using it.


The DataDomeAFNetworking is embedding the DataDomeSDK. This means that the SDK will automatically intercept every HTTP requests your application will make. Since it is not recommended when integrating the DataDomeAFNetworking SDK, so you will need to add this code to your info.plist to deactivate the automatic behaviour.



We forked AFNetworking to adapt it to DataDomeSDK.
To install DataDomeAFNetworking, use the following statement.

pod 'DataDomeAFNetworking', '~> 4.0.1'

You should use the above dependency instead of AFNetworking. The library contains the same source code as AFNetworking with an adaptation to make it work with DataDome.
Replace your import statements as the following.

// AFNetworking import statement to be replaced
#import <AFNetworking/AFNetworking.h>
// The new import statement to be used
@import DataDomeAFNetworking;

No other changes are required to keep your code base working with AFNetworking and DataDome.