Response pages

Learn how to customize response pages.

Response pages

When malicious requests are detected by DataDome, two types of response pages are available:

  • Captcha to challenge the request
  • Block to "hard-block" the request

Each response page can be customized by setting up a logo and changing the buttons' background and font colors.

Multiple response page templates can be created by selecting a domain for each template.

The default template will be applied to requests that do not match a pre-set domain.

Pages preview

This section shows the preview of the response page for the default template.

Click on the "Captcha page" or "Block page" tabs to switch between previews

Click on the "Captcha page" or "Block page" tabs to switch between previews

Customize the default template


Select an image to change the logo, and input the values to change the buttons' colors

Actions available

You can either:

  • Cancel your modifications
  • See a preview page reflecting your modifications
  • Save your changes

Saving your changes will include a CDN cache invalidation and may take a few seconds to be taken into account.

Change the template by domain


Domains Limit

Up to 100 custom templates can be added.

To view, edit or delete a template, select it in the template drop-down menu.
To update a response page from another domain:

  • Click the "Add a domain" button
  • Type the domain name and confirm
  • You do not need the complete domain name, any substring can be used as a domain. If a request's URL matches the string, the template associated with this domain will be applied
  • The new domain will now appear as a selectable option in the drop-down menu