Answering The AppStore Connect Privacy Questions

A guide to help you fill out Apple’s Privacy Practices Questionnaire.

Answering app privacy questions

As you get ready to select your answers from the options presented in App Store Connect, keep in mind the following points:

  • You need to identify all of the data that you and/or your third-party partners collect, unless the data meets all of the criteria for optional disclosure listed below.
  • Your app’s privacy practices should follow the App Store Review Guidelines and all applicable laws.
  • You’re responsible for keeping your responses accurate and up to date. If your practices change, you need to update your responses in App Store Connect. You may update your answers at any time, and you do not need to submit an app update in order to change your answers.

Account Holders and Admins can follow this link to learn how to enter their responses in App Store Connect.

DataDome SDK data collection

Below is the the list of data types and which ones are collected by DataDome. Please note that you will need to confirm the types of data that you and/or your third-party partners including DataDome collect from your app, before answering the questions in App Store Connect.

Data TypeCollected by DataDome
Contact InfoNo
Health and FitnessNo
Financial InfoNo
Sensitive InfoNo
User ContentNo
Browsing HistoryNo
Search HistoryNo
Usage dataYes. We do log some touch events (taps, scrolls). We sample and only send a portion of the interaction.
Other Data TypesYes. DataDome collects device metadata features (e.g., screen size and operating system version) and app metadata (e.g., app name and app version).

Data Use by the DataDome SDK

PurposeServed by DataDome
Third-Party AdvertisingNo
Developer’s AdvertisingNo
Product PersonalizationNo
App FunctionalityNo
Other purposesYes, securing all requests against bots. The collected data is used to improve the detection of bots vs normal users.

Data Linked to the User

You will need to identify whether each data type is linked to the user’s identity (via their account, device, or other details) by you and/or your third-party partners. Data collected from an app is often linked to the user’s identity, unless specific privacy protections are put in place before collection to de-identify or anonymize it.

Please note that DataDome does not link the collected data to the identity of the user by any means. All data collected by the SDK is completely anonymous and does not reveal the identity of the user.


You will need to understand whether you and/or your third-party partners use data from your app to track users and, if so, which data is used for this purpose.

“Tracking” refers to linking data collected from your app about a particular end-user or device, such as a user ID, device ID, or profile, with third-party data for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes, or sharing data collected from your app about a particular end-user or device with a data broker.

Again, note that DataDome does not track your users by any means. We do not collect any identifiers or relevant data that allow tracking back to the user. The only data collected comprises usage data and device metadata that is completely anonymous.

Privacy links

You will have the ability to add links on your product page to your app’s privacy policy and your privacy practices documentation.

To learn more about DataDome privacy practices, please check DataDome Privacy Policy.