Analyze responses



If you're searching about how to customize the rule responses or response definition please go on this page.

Response section homepage

On the response homepage, the response requests are shown as a timeline chart organized by different endpoint sources.

For example, the first timeline chart show all the responses sent for requests coming from the endpoint source Web Browser.

Response section homepage

Response section homepage

Response section subpages

You will find a subpage per response type with different KPIs relative to the response.

For example, for the Captcha response, you will have access to many details around the Captcha flows.


Only for DataDome Captcha

These Captcha metrics are only available for DataDome Captcha users. If you're using another provider, you'll only have access to basic metrics.


If one of your domain is not using DataDome Captcha, you won't be capable of seeing all these metrics on this given domain and on the 'All domains' settings of the top-filter.

Metric nameDefinition
Allowed ResponseAll requests that have been allowed
Captcha ResponseAll requests where a captcha response has been triggered
Other ResponsesRate-Limiting, Block, Time-Boxing, Device check
Captcha DisplayedWhen the captcha page has been displayed on the device
Captcha not DisplayedWhen the device didn’t authorized Javascript execution
Puzzle SolvedThe challenge inside the captcha page has been resolved, either by audio or image
Puzzle FailedThe user failed to resolved the challenge
Puzzle IgnoredThe challenge remains unresolved
PassedThe number of Puzzle Solved minus the Blocked ones
BlockedCaptcha Bots (Hu-Bots, Captcha farms,…) that have been blocked on the captcha page itself
Image CaptchaWhen the captcha page contained an image challenge
Audio CaptchaWhen the captcha page contained an audio challenge