iRules Changelog

DataDome F5 iRules Module

1.7.1 (2024-05-28)

  • Update client-side code (DataDome JS tag injection) on iRule

1.7.0 (2023-06-01)

  • Add support of session by header

v1.6.1 (2023-01-23)

  • Improve headers management (truncation of all fields)

v1.6.0 (2023-01-09)

  • Added support of Client Hints and Fetch Metadata headers
  • Fixed XForwardedForIp typo

v1.5.1 (2022-11-23)

  • Fixed injection of JS tag on non-HTML resources

v1.5 (2021-10-15)

  • Fixed syntax on injection of JS tags

v1.4 (2020-08-25)

  • Updated default static assets exclusion list

v1.3 (2019-12-26)

  • Introduced support for HSL for logging

v1.2 (2019-10-31)

  • Implemented change to use streaming to inject JS tag.
  • Introduced an easy way to log headers injected by DataDome, and log time used by DataDome

v1.1 (2019-10-09)

  • Implemented change to never try to apply DataDome headers to non-DataDome calsl
  • Implemented change to collect response body only when DATADOME_js is defined
  • Simplified timeout logic: now the module uses only one global timeout instead of timeout and wait parameters

v1.0 (2018-09-25)

  • Initial release