Verified Bots



A Verified Bot can be a bot created by commercial companies collecting and exploiting content (their identity is transparent) or a bot adding value or traffic to websites. These could be search engines, social network providers, partners, service providers, etc.

Here you'll find a brief description of all the common Verified Bots that you may see on your dashboard.


Please contact us for any questions about a Verified Bot not described here.


Researching for content in order to offer optimized ad spaces. They scrape content and classify websites.


Researching and comparing products, services, companies, and prices.

Competitive Intelligence

Gathering data about the competition in order to build reports and create insights supporting decision-making.

Data Provider

Gathering data in order to sell it. They scrape, index, and sell data.

Marketing Database

Gathering data by exporting marketing databases to sell, but have no dashboard.

Marketing Tools

Technical solutions to analyze traffic and understand how clients behave on websites.

Media Monitoring

Following brand references in forums, social media sites, etc. Providing insights to brands in order to optimize their visibility on social media sites.

Security Intelligence

Scanning for program security confirmation.

SEO Software

Scraping and indexing activities to understand website indexing logic and to help improve clients' indexing.

Web Aggregator

Web service aggregating data incoming from multiple sources (comments, reviews, news, prices, products, etc.). They scrape, index, and publish the data online.

Alt Search Engines

Alternative search engines. They crawl the web in order to build alternative search engines.

Digital Library

Building public archives for research and safekeeping.

Major Search Engines

Collecting documents from the web to build a searchable index for search engines.


All IPs manually allowed on your website.

Social Networks

Indexing website for internal search engines. Supplies visual support when a link is shared.

Technical Partners

Performance measurement tools and payment service providers.