The DataDome module for Section detects bot activity and protects you against it at the edge

The DataDome bot protection solution can be integrated directly inside Section.

For each request received by Section, a preflight request is performed on the closest DataDome endpoint. Depending on how DataDome's API responds, the module either blocks the request or lets Section proceed with the intended backend.


Before integrating DataDome's bot protection solution on Section, you need to:

How to install and configure

  1. Clone your Section repository locally (the URL of the git repository can be found in Application Edge > Advanced Config)
  2. Create a datadome folder at the root level
    a. Add a datadome.conf configuration file in the datadome folder
    b. Insert in this file: data_dome_shield_key "DATADOME_SERVER_KEY"; with the server-side key from the Management section of your dashboard
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  1. Modify section.config.json: you need to add the DataDome image to the proxy chain so that all the traffic will be redirected to the DataDome API
    a. Add the DataDome Image into the proxychain list:
            "name": "datadome",
            "image": "datadome:beta"


Proxy chain order

You might already have other items in proxychain, in that case DataDome needs to be the first one to protect all your traffic.

  1. Add files to the staging area: git add .
  2. git commit -m "Adding DataDome to proxychain"
  3. Push commits to the remote repository: git push <REMOTE> <BRANCH> (replace <REMOTE> with name of the remote repository, and <BRANCH> with the name of the remote branch you are pushing to)
  4. Wait until the deployment is done

You can follow the deployment in Real Time > Deployments Logs:


Congratulations! Your website is now protected against bot traffic at the Edge.


data_dome_shield_keyYour DataDome server-side keyYes